The NFL and CTCA are Tackling the Elephant in the Room- Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a commonly known life-threatening affliction and there are many different forms of it. One that is very prevalent for men, especially African-American males is prostate cancer. It just does not get the exposure that it needs to get the word out and help save lives and that is why the NFL Alumni Association has partnered up with LapCorp and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). Together they are working to remove the negative stigma with getting prostate exam. They are offering 2,000 free prostate screening in the United States, after those slots have been filled any man can get tested for only $25. There will be several events held around the nation featuring professional athletes to promote their free and discounted PSA Screenings.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have been treating patients that felt hopeless for about 30 years in five hospitals located across the nation. It all began when the founder, Richard J. Stephenson, lost his mother to cancer and was not satisfied with the available treatment options. He has made it his life mission to help others find a better outcome.

Ongoing medical trials and research are a major part of CTCA,they are not content to accept that there are no cures for cancer and are working to find viable solutions. Patient care is their core focus from treatments to emotional support, CTCA does it all. After modest beginnings in Illinois they are now headquartered out of Boca Raton, Florida. Board-certified oncologists work round-the-clock to fight prostate cancer and let their patients return to a normal life.

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