Talk Fusion’s TMC WebRTC Product of the Year Award Win

Talk Fusion was the winner of the 2016 TMC WebRTC Product of the Year Award. They were presented with the prestigious award on March 16th for their all-in-one Video Chat marketing solution. The judges of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award said that they were impressed by the excellence and ingenuity Talk Fusion displayed with its solution. TMC gives this award each year to honor innovations that support browser-to-browser applications for video chat, voice calling, and person-to-person(P2P) file sharing without the use of external or internal plug-ins. This award has been recognizing these types of technological advancements for more than 20 years.

Talk Fusion earned the award just one month after a full version of their highly advanced cross-device communication platform was made live. The company’s Video Chat solution gives people the ability to communicate via live chat from anywhere with anyone and on any tablet, computer, or smartphone. The app can be found in both the Google Play and iTunes Store.

According to CEO Bob Reina, the company sees this communication solution as a way to change the way people communicate forever, and this award was well-deserved and earned by his IT team. However, Dr. Jonathan Chen, the Director of IT at Talk Fusion, says that this is only the beginning and that the IT team will continue to churn out even more innovative communication solutions that the company is so well known for. In fact, the next solution to launch is called Free Trials. More information about this new product and all of their products can be found at Talk Fusion’s website.

Launching yet another communication innovation will just be Talk Fusion’s way of keeping up with being a global leader in video communication. Bob Reina established the company in 2007 and introduced the world to the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. However, they didn’t stop there, and continued to add products and services in the technology industry. They not only create and sell products and services, they also adhere to strict ethical standards and business practices as presented by the Direct Selling Association. Today, there P2P communication solutions are marketed and sold in over 140 countries.

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