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Paul Mampilly American investor and advisor

Being one of the most profound American investors, Paul Mampilly has been featured in many American presses including the CNBC he is also a former hedge manager and the founder of one of the most known newsletter Profits Unlimited. The experience he got from the Wall Street insider helps manage his platform.

Paul Mampilly joins the investment world after having experience of more than twenty years in the field. His career started at bankers trust as a manager after working for several years he gained the position of managing an account at Deutsche Bank and had worked in different banks including the royal bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly has worked for a hedge fund as the central manager, and under his leadership, the company realized a rise in their assets and also was named as one of the best hedge funds during his time. He has the different personal investment that he has engaged in, back in the year 2008 he invested on Netflix sing that online technology was growing at a high rate and that many people in the world could change to online streaming of videos. Also, he invested in the drug firms that produced drugs to treat muscular dystrophy.

At his old age Paul Mampilly has retired, but he still works to make more for main street Americans he has given the advisory to many of the American through the writing he makes weekly on the free newsletters and winning investors daily. At his age now he manages trading services (Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum)

Being a man who has focused on business over the years people have been able to get his advice on marketing during his interview at different press platform and at his firm he has been able to advise people who are interested in the stock’s investment and those who are out of the field to join different platform that will help them carry on with their career.

Paul Mampilly has served as an editor since he joined the Banyan Hill Publisher in the year 2006 and was focused on assisting America cans in finding wealth in the business that they are inviting in including technology, stocks market and many more. His focus of daily writings about investment has seen many of the people grow on the stock business investments. Paul Mampilly was born in India and move to the United States. With his experience in the business field for over 40 years, he managed to grow financially and advice many of the Americans in the business field.

Paul Mampilly info: medium.com/@paulmampillyguru