George Soros Sees Bears Devastating the Markets

What Does a Billionaire Do on Hiatus?
The entire financial world stopped in its tracks to stare open-mouthed at the news billionaire George Soros has returned to the Wall Street trading scene. The 85 year old has been occupied doing philanthropic work and also politically attempting to raise minimum wages in various parts of the world. He has also been exercising most of his recent time, at least for the past few years, working to get Hillary Clinton elected president of the USA.

Bearish with Dire Predictions
George Soros has been bearish before and in a major way. He has previously predicted the fall of the Chinese market which fortunately didn’t happen. However, he now states firmly that the Chinese market is so unbalanced it will crash very soon and probably take the American market with it. That is a very depressing prediction from a man who is known for his shrewdness and expertise in the stock market.

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Soros has made his stock movements definitely bearish and has done this 100% with no exception. George Soros adamantly again stated the only market offering hope is precious metals, in particular the gold market. Soros added gold will not be a savior but instead more of a stop-gap, he states, hedging against investors’ suffering complete ruin. However, he does not suggest buying precious metals to ward off the demons. Soros says his emphatic announcement to the populace is how serious a crisis we are steering into without helmets, life rafts or storm jackets.

George Soros returned to the market from his global influences and philanthropy to take control of his immense fortune and minimize his own vulnerability. That could be seen definitely as the prophet billionaire following his own advice.

Who Is George Soros and Why Do Investors Watch Him?
Born in 1930, Soros actually as a child survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II and later fled communist Hungary as a teen in 1947 to England. He achieved education from the London School of Economics, and then purposefully brought his new knowledge to the USA and made am amazing fortune investing in the international hedge fund he founded and managed.

That said, it is clear that George Soros has known the tragedies of lives ruined by political SNAFUs, and he has had the determination of a survivor, or moreover, a conqueror. No one could really assess George Soros as a survivor; he is a market maker and shaker and a billionaire who helps nations by helping their people.

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