George Soros Has A Big Plan To Give Back

George Soros is one of the world’s most respected philanthropists for a reason. His Open Society Foundation has done so much to make the world around us a much better place by giving people the opportunities they need to expand their horizons and create prosperous societies. In recent years conservatives have attacked him for it and portrayed him as the center of a global conspiracy. The recent attacks on philanthropy are certainly of use to many conservatives, but they are harmful to the long term success of America and the world as a whole. George Soros isn’t taking these attacks sitting down and plans on doing everything he can to fight back.

The most disturbing thing about the attacks against George Soros is that they all appear to be regurgitating old attacks against Jews. As a Jewish man with a large fortune derived from finance, Soros represents many of the fears of bigots in the west. These fears do not have to be well founded to be expounded or given air time. They simply need to correspond with common stereotypes. The true George Soros is in fact a capitalist who seeks to bring as much of the world into the free market as possible. His efforts have focused on eastern Europe but he’s also done work in Africa and Asia as well. This work isn’t something to take lightly either. It’s playing an important role in many of the far right movements that have risen up in recent years.

George Soros understands the importance of philanthropy and his recent donation to the Open Society Foundation shows that. He has donated $18 billion of his own money to the institution in hopes of supporting their efforts to protect the world against the dangers currently threatening the advancement of more egalitarian societies. Hes given plenty of money in the past but this is a particular noteworthy attempt to change the world around him. He’s certain that there is going to be a very serious downside to allowing the far right to obtain anymore power. While last year was extremely disappointing, he believes that next year is going to be a great time for the left. The right has peaked and has nowhere to go but down. The midterm elections in America and recent disappointments with Brexit have given opportunities to correct the path the west is going down and Soros wants to take full advantage of it.

Philanthropy is the most important thing anybody of means can do. Soros understands the need for billionaires like himself and he wants to do just about everything he can to make the world around him a better place. This latest effort is only going to contribute to his already extensive list of accomplishments. Many people simply don’t understand how much he’s done and why is work continues to be of so much important. This should remind people of what George Soros aims for and how he plans to accomplish what he has decided to fight for.

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