Endless Potential for Company Growth

When a new company is created there’s a lot of issues with how much cost is going to be associated with production. In order for a small company to survive within the business world they need to make connections, which requires a high level of networking skill. Business meetings are a great way for business owners and sales people to make new connections and to form alliances which will help for potential company growth.

Unfortunately these business meetings are often very costly, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the location of each meeting. According to Business Insider, In order to try to cut out these high-cost levels entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland has created a new discount and social networking platform for businesses and consumers alike to take advantage of.

The program is called Magnises, with members being given a special metal card. This card acts in the same way as a credit card does, being linked to a personal bank account of a member and being used to pay for services as they are rendered. Locations that are discounted under this program include bars, restaurants and other locations that are commonplace for business meetings.

The same hundred dollars that is spent on a single business meeting can now potentially be used on multiple business meetings instead thanks to this program. Money saved in this way can then be placed into different aspects of the company in question, such as employee wages and product costs. This program is an amazing answer to the issues with the domestic economy that the United States is currently facing, and its popularity will definitely grow across the years.

Internationally there’s a lot of promise for the program as well, as the foreign markets in Europe and Asia I could also see positive Growth from its use. Countries where there is high inflation and high unemployment such as Greece and Italy would definitely see the potential of this program and it is recommended that everyone takes a look at it in order to take advantage of something that’s going to be potentially great for the near future.

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