Clay Siegall and his influence at Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the leading research centers on Cancer. The center has been operational for close to two decades now and in this time, they have managed to come up with a treatment alternative that works on many different kinds of lymphomas. The massive success of the company is one of the reasons it has been listed in the stock exchange under the name SGEN. With the research that the company is still performing in the field, better results are expected.

The drug that the company developed has been very successful both locally and internationally. They made sales of more than quarter of a million dollars in 2016 and it has been projected that this year, they will exceed the $300,000 mark. The company that helps them retail their drug in Canada is known as Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Besides the drug that has already been tested and approved by the FDA, the company has 12 other drugs in the pipeline. One of these 12 drugs has been proven to also treat different types of lymphomas.

The company has embarked on a mission to recruit new employees. They aim to get at least 100 more people to join the team. This step will help them get their operations up to speed and increase their reach globally. As a matter of fact, the drug is currently being sold in more than 50 countries across the globe, and they hope to get even more people on board.

When Clay Siegall set up the facility in 1998, he had hoped that it would make a difference in the health care provision industry. Seeing his company become the success that it is must be truly refreshing for him after all the hard work. Last year, the outgoing vice president Joe Bidden visited the facility in Seattle to have a look at the strides that the company was making. This is another indication that the company is really making the right strides in the development of the cure for cancer. It is the hope of every person that cancer will be treated in this century. With companies like Seattle Genetics, this dream does not sound very far from reality.

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