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Clay Siegall: Seattle Genetics Company Chief Executive Officer

Seattle Genetics is a company that was founded by Clay Siegall in 1998. This company deals with the invention of therapies for illnesses whose research hasn’t been fully substantiated in the medical field. Clay’s education background is worth noting for he holds a degree in Zoology and a doctorate in the genetic field. Clay pioneered the developing of the first antibody in the company.

Under his leadership, the workforce of Seattle Company has drastically improved to become a buzzing hub of researchers. Other than dealing with other therapies, the Seattle Company is mainly championing cancer research at large. The future of this company is in safe hands since Clay has very great strategies of making Seattle Company continue flourishing in the drug industry.

In an interview conducted by inspirery, Clay founded Seattle Genetics as result of watching a family member suffer from anemia. Clay was opposed to the fact that patients have to undergo pain in the events of amputation and radical surgery and he always yearned to look for the better way.

Seattle Genetics makes money mainly through the selling of their main drug which is FDA-approved. They also boast in making profits through production with other partners and in licensing their technologies and processes. For them to become profitable, it took a decade. During the start, Clay faced capital challenges and almost doubted whether his idea could materialize. Through their outspoken sales people, they have managed to capture the attention of many customers. Also, Seattle Company produces products that market themselves due to their uniqueness. He claims that their remarkable journey has mainly been influenced by regularly holding meetings.

About Clay Siegall

Before Clay Siegal founded the Seattle Genetics, he had been working as a researcher in Myers-Squibb pharmaceuticals and also in the National Institute for cancer. He is also a member of the board for many organizations such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical industry.

Through his hard work and contribution towards the drug industry in the globe, Clay was awarded as the alumnus of the year in the Maryland University. He also got an award for becoming the North West Pacific young entrepreneur of the year. Clay is also an author of at least seventy publications.