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George Soros Finds His Fortune In Trading

George Soros is a businessman that made his own fortune with investing. He created his own Hedge fund for investor trading in 1969. In 1954, Soros worked as a clerk for a bank in London. He worked for the merchant bank until he learned all about banking and trading. He attended the School of Economics in London and received his degree in Economics before moving to the United States of America. IN 1956 Soros began arbitrage trading and specializing in the US/European markets on Forbes.

George was born in Hungary with the last name of Schwartz. He dad changed their name in 1936. This Jewish family was like any other family in Hungary. They had to work hard for the little they had. His father was a lawyer and his mother owned a silk shop on They both worked very hard to achieve their own life long dreams to own a home and support their family. As the son of such driven individuals, George was determined to make something of himself as well. He made the decision that he would be rich in his lifetime.

Being one of the richest men in America is a good thing. Soros has a net worth of over 24 Billion dollars. George Soros supports the political campaigns and follows politics religiously. He really became interested in politics during the Bill Clinton election and the presidency. After supporting him with his campaign George Soros made the decision to support his wife in the campaign in 2016. Being a democrat means that you support your own kind so this is what George did. Of course, According to Politico and other publications, Soros was disappointed, to say the least when Clinton did not win the elections on He donated over 25 million dollars to her campaign and he continues to support the democrats. One of his dreams and hopes is that the Justice system will receive an overhaul eventually.

George Soros not only invests in things he believes in but he also is a political activist that fights or speaks out for what he believes in. George is a writer and recently published “The New Paradigm For Financial Freedom”. There are many things that he is part of and too many to mention. He is hoping that each American can find their way to financial freedom so that they too can achieve the American dream of home ownership and the ability to travel.

George has many different opinions about the United States and other places such as London. George believes that the refugees may be a big part of the reason why America and other places such as the United Kingdom are suffering. It is a belief of many individuals in the United states. The President-Elect, Donald Trump is also a believer in refugees putting a damper and a drain on the economy. No one is sure what the consequences would be if all of the illegal immigrants left the US but everyone is sure that things like the Medicaid system and jobs may improve. This is not necessarily a suggestion from either of these men just an observation.