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Labaton Sucharow’s Client has something to Smile About

One of the clients of Lubaton Sucharow is sitting pretty after his lawyers were able to secure for him a sizeable amount of money. The client reported financial impropriety in a certain high-profile case. The client was awarded a little over $17 million owing to SEC whistleblower attorneys’ hard work. The whistleblower program, now only 6 years old, is paying the second individual in its six year operation. In successful cases of enforcement, the involved whistleblower is entitled to between 10 to 30 percent of the monetary sanctions that are collected.



In most cases whistleblowers prefer to keep their identities concealed and this was not an exception. Anonymity ensures that one avoids blacklisting coupled with retaliation. The SEC is also keen to respect the decision of the whistleblower to remain unknown and as such does not name specific cases in which the whistleblower was involved. Jordan, speaking publicly lauded his client’s bravery which came at a time when many preferred too sweep such matters under the rug to avoid trouble. Jordan is optimistic that many more will come forward encouraged by recent events.



SEC Whistle Blower Program



A new whistle blower program was established in the U.S under the Dodd-Frank Act. This law meant the overhaul of other regulations that had existed since the great depression. The Dodd act established a whistleblower program which protected the employment of those who spoke out against violations of federal securities laws. These violations were reported to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).



The whistleblower program, by allowing whistleblowers to be anonymous and at the same time guaranteeing them employment protections and monetary awards, will in future attract others who witness and fail to report wrongdoing in the financial service industry. Congress in its determination to ensure there are enough funds to pay awards established a Protection fund whose current balance is over $400 million.



Whistle Blower Lawyers



Labaton Sucharow practice was first to establish itself as an advocate and protector of SEC whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas, who worked in a department charged with SEC enforcement, leads this law firm in protecting the whistle blowers. Jordan, now an SEC whistle blower attorney, worked tirelessly as leader of the team helping in developing a whistleblower program. His enthusiasm produced the proposed legislation.



The first public company officer to be awarded by the SEC was represented by Jordan A. Thomas., an SEC whistle blower lawyer. He was also active in a case where an employer was charged with retaliation against a former employee turned whistleblower.

Life and Career of Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone, the co-founder of a successful legal practice in New Zealand, is a man of many talents. He is nationally known as an attorney who specializes in the development of trust funds, but many people are unaware of the rich and noble history that led Geoffrey Cone to develop the Cone Marshall law firm. During a recent interview with Business Insider magazine, Geoffrey Cone discussed ways in which he was influenced by his upbringing, education, and early days in a legal practice. Although the executive admitted that his past was imperfect, he also stated that he gained invaluable wisdom and insight during the more challenging stages of his life. Cone stated that he would not trade his hardships if he had the ability to do so.

Geoffrey Cone’s Upbringing
During his sit down with the Business Insider, Cone admitted that he had the desire to enter the legal profession from a very early age. As a boy growing up in New Zealand, Cone recalls being told by relatives that he should enter the legal profession. After completing primary school, Cone decided to place a great emphasis on his academic studies in order to be accepted into a prestigious University. After completing high school with excellent marks, the future businessman was admitted to the University of Otago in New Zealand where he studied University writing and pre-law. Soon, Cone graduated from the University of Otago with honors and set out to complete law school.

Legal Education
Upon his acceptance to law school, Cone began to gain an interest in the field of tax law. The brilliant student had always been interested in discovering important facts regarding legal codes and statutes and he saw the tax law industry as a perfect field to enter to further develop these interests. Cone recalled, during his interview, that law school presented a greater challenge to him than those he had faced in high school and during his undergraduate education. Although he found his educational pursuits to be extremely challenging, Cone persisted until he received his diploma in the late 1970s. After graduation, Cone was presented with a challenge of finding valuable and fulfilling work as a tax attorney. The businessman recalled that he was extremely grateful when he was offered a position in Auckland, New Zealand in 1980.

Early Days In Legal Practice
After landing his first job as an attorney in a New Zealand law firm in the early 1980s, Cone quickly discovered that his keen interest in the New Zealand tax code would not be enough to consistently sustain his career. The attorney recalls many times where he worked for days on end to complete tasks for his firm. His hard work paid off, however, and he is now one of the most sought after tax attorneys in New Zealand.

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