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The Contributions made by Jason Hope in Anti-Aging Research

One of the things that the medical community hopes to achieve this century is the discovery of therapies and treatments which will slow down the aging process. There are researchers everywhere trying to get cures for illnesses such as cancer and Parkinson’s. Jason Hope is among the people who have been following this research closely. Recently, he pledged more than half a billion dollars to the SENS Research Foundation, an organization that deals with looking for cures for age related diseases. Jason Hope is an Arizona based businessman. He pledged the donation to the CSO of the medical research group Aubrey Grey and promised that he would be getting involved even more as time went by.

When describing the exact use that the money would be out to, Dr. Aubrey stated that they intended to focus on arteriosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries as a result of a number of factors. The CSO mentioned that the condition is caused by hypertension in elderly people and that the same condition is responsible for diseases such as long-sightedness and skin aging. She observed that if they could resolve the problems that cause the hardening of the arteries, fewer people would have to deal with the related complications.

The CEO of SENS foundation, Mike Kope expressed his gratitude towards Jason hope for the generous donation. He noted that it had been a while since they received such an overwhelming gesture of support. He added that the donation would work towards the breaking of the molecular bonds that cause artery hardening and to restore elasticity to the body matrix outside the cells.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a businessman from Arizona. He has always had a passion for education, biotechnology and scientific research to cure diseases. He has worked with a variety of charitable organizations including the Boys and Girls Club located in Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the T-Gen Foundation, Teach America and many others. Jason Hope strongly believes that most of the diseases that affect humanity and shorten life can be dealt with by investing in looking for drugs that reverse the process of aging at the cellular level. He believes that this research will be possible when people embrace research based on stem cells. He believes that the future of medicine is in Stem Cell research and that people need to come out and lead this revolution. Jason Hope is an inspiration to many people.

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