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Nathaniel Ru: Successful Evolution to a New Model


In recent news, the co-founders of Sweetgreen are creating a new model for fast food. As a matter of fact, many Legacy restaurant companies would love to look a lot like Sweetgreen is they could start from scratch. That’s because Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain with 40 locations, and they sell organic, fresh, and healthy food. And with their delicious, healthy, and trendy recipes, diners maintain long lines at all their Sweetgreen’s locations.


According to Nathaniel Ru, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, they are producing a brand which stands for something, and they want to feed better food to more people. He also stated that technology has always been part of them. Therefore, traditional chains could learn this important aspect from them as well.


Another distinction of Sweetgreen is the fact that they don’t have a headquarters. Ru said that they don’t believe in huge corporate headquarters, and they desire to decentralize their headcount. With no headquarters, Ru and the other co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, are bicoastal as they pursue growing their company nationally.


The co-founders of this chain met and graduated at Georgetown University. But before graduating they noticed a need in the food market concerning the lack of healthy eating options. And thus, they teamed up to open their first restaurant right after they graduated. The restaurant opened in August 2007.


In this recent news, questions were also asked to Nathaniel Ru, including the advice he would give his 20 year old self, the most complicated thing about managing, the CEO he most admire that isn’t in the same industry, and his best restaurant besides Sweetgreen. He stated that he would tell his 20 year old self to read more books even the ones he may think he doesn’t have time for. When it comes to managing, he said the hardest thing was when he and the other co-founders would take on every role for the company. Additionally, he looks up to the CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, and his other favorite restaurant is Johnny Monis’ Little Serow of DC which sells great Northern Thai food.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and director for Sweetgreen. After graduating from Georgetown, Ru and his best friends who are co-founders started their business. He recently made a statement that living and working your best life can occur in harmony which is important.