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Expression of Self and Beliefs With Fabletics Fashion

It is a common saying for people to be themselves. One of the areas of life where this advice is often given is in fashion. One of the reasons behind this is that fashion is one of the most policed areas of life for people. However, it is not just the style and the aesthetics that one is expressing when they wear the clothes they want. It is also the process and the ethics behind the product that the person is expressing. Then there is the different initiatives that the fashion design retailer is involved in that the person is expressing with her clothing.


With Fabletics, people get a shining example of a fashion retailer that is looking out for the best interests of everyone. When people wear clothes from Fabletics, they are doing more than just expressing their interest in health and fitness. They are also wearing the inclusiveness of the fashion retailer. Where many fashion retailers are so limited in the people that are able to buy and wear their items, Fabletics makes sure that people of all sizes can find something that fits them. The larger sizes are not just bland and basic leftovers. They are every bit as stylish as the smaller sizes.


There are a lot of initiatives that Fabletics has gotten involved in. In many cases, these initiatives were more about medical health and research on different diseases such as cancer. Kate Hudson, one of the founders of Fabletics is very passionate about helping women achieve optimal health. One of the ways she hopes to achieve this is by looking at all of the diseases that women are faced with which include breast cancer. This is a disease that is affecting women everywhere.


For women that are looking for some clothes that give them an extra edge to their style, Fabletics is the one place to shop at. While there is the online site, there is also the choice of physical locations depending on where the customer lives. With the physical locations, women do not have to be stuck with having to deal with the limits of online shopping. They can actually go to the stores and enjoy the process of trying on each of the different items so that they will figure out what fits well for them. After that, they will feel encouraged with their goals for fitness and improved overall lifestyles.

Whitey Wolfe Rejects a $450 Million Acquisition Offer from Match Group

Some sources have reported that about two months ago Match Group’s acquisition offer of about $450 million was rejected by dating app Bumble. Match Group is an umbrella company which also owns Bumble rivals such as Tinder,, and OkCupid. Bumble has quickly established itself a standout in a crowded market, and a source proposed that the $450 million offer was considered to underestimate the app. Both Match Group and Bumble refused to confirm or comment on the bid terming the news as speculations or rumors. A Bumble rep claimed that the deal would mean that the CEO and founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe would work in the company she has sued a few years back.

Wolfe founded the popular location based app in 2012 at the age of 22. She helped in the launching of the app while serving at the company as the VP of marketing. The app took the market and grew into a viral excitement. In 2014, she parted ways with the company and sued Tinder, internet conglomerate InterActive Corp (IAC) and Her claims were atrocious sexual harassment and sex discrimination. The CEO Sean Rad was suspended, and the then CMO Justin Mateen was withdrawn from his position. However, Wolfe came to a settlement out of court with the startup.

Career Journey and Education Background

Whitney Wolfe is one of the founders and the former VP of marketing of Tinder. She developed Bumble app immediately after parting ways with Tinder in March 2014. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she started her first business at the age of 19. She started designing and selling bamboo tote bags after the incident of Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Her first application to the marketing school of Methodist University was unsuccessful. She chose to study Global Studies at SMU as her second choice. After completing her studies at the institution, she went to work as a sales agent for a start-up organization. With the experience gained at the organization, she came with the idea of developing a dating app that has completely transformed dating.

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