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Protect Your Company’s Image with Wikipedia

In business, image is everything. The way consumers view your company directly impacts the number of leads your business obtains. A poor image can severely impact sales while a positive one can increase them. Wikipedia gives you the opportunity to determine how your image is projected to the online community. This is why businesses are turning to professional writers and Wikipedia editors like those at Get Your Wiki to help them project the right image to consumers. For starters, Wikipedia is a trusted source to the online community. Despite the well-known fact that anyone can add to it, consumers continue to turn to Wikipedia as a valuable source of information. When presented with conflicting information on a topic, Wikipedia often helps consumers decide their final opinion.

For example, a popular makeup brand has been the source of some controversy. Claims include that the company’s products are dangerous and involve animal testing. The company’s website has made statements to clear up these claims. However, if the company has not yet established trust with the online community, consumers are unlikely to believe their explanation of the events. This is where Wikipedia page creation becomes a helpful source to businesses. The online community already trusts Wikipedia. Should they find information validating the company’s explanation of the events on Wikipedia they may be more likely to believe it.

If your business has been the source of controversy, creating a Wikipedia page can be one way to help the online community see your side of the story. It is important that your information appears non-biased and clearly addresses the facts. In order to get the right tone many businesses choose to enlist the help of professional writers and editors. Get Your Wiki is one company that you may consider. Their Wikipedia experts have specific training in using Wikipedia to promote the image of a company.

Darius Fishers and the Grand PR World Award

Running a company is no easy task. When the company handles a very unique duty or provides a service only those with exceptional skill are capable of handling, running the show becomes even more difficult. Darius Fisher rose to the occasion and led the reputation management/digital marketing firm Status Labs to immense success. Recently, Fisher was honored with an incredible award for all his work and accomplishments.

Fisher received a fantastic award. He was named “2016 Business Development Individual of the Year” by PR World. Fisher did more than just manage a successful business. He helped the company achieve one of the most staggering levels of revenue growth seen in the world of startups. From 2012 to 2015, Status Labs experienced revenue growth in the range of 939%. Yes, in only three years, the company’s revenue increased 9.5x. Few businesses can claim such lofty growth figures.

Fisher understood that getting “out there” and drawing attention to his company would play a major role in increasing revenue. Through making public presentations at events such as Impact15 in Las Vegas, Fisher extolled the value of reputation management services. In kind, he was able to get across the great benefits his company delivers.

Darius Fisher does know a lot about digital marketing based on his previous experience prior to co-founding Status Labs. This experience aided his ability to create an employee-friendly company that attracts and keeps top talent in the fold.

Fisher will be traveling to San Francisco on June 27, 2016 to receive the award at the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner. According to Huffington Post, Fisher has acknowledged winning the award is a tremendous honor.