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Mark Hutchinson: Renonwed Wild Ark Founder on Interview

Mark Hutchinson, the founder of WildArk, has decided to have his life dedicated to the wild. Having Australia as his home country, he remembers how he used to engage in fly-fishing, mustering sheep, crawling into the hole of wombats, as well as horse riding.

Immediately after he came from school, he was a trainee as a station manager for a year where he camped and did fishing in Australia’s far north. At nineteen years of age, he had traveled the better part of Africa using a car. These travels inspired him a lot, and this propelled him to starting UNTAMED which was an adventure company when he was twenty-two years. The company grew into an organization that supported flora and fauna as well as the economy. The firm later became a training business that was named AVANA. Learn more:

Mark pursued his passion after leaving the corporate world in 2015. He concentrated on educating and inspiring people to have them connected to the natural surroundings via WildArk which aimed at the conservation of the environment. Learn more:

Hutchinson explains that the idea of starting an adventure company came to him immediately he left school. He used to drive through the wilderness which gave him passion in the ecosystem. He started a training company after he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Sydney. His travels and experience garnered from jackarooing built his confidence in starting a business of his dream.

He explained that UNTAMED was aimed at exposing people to nature through hosting them. It came to Mark’s realization that nature equalized all people regardless of a person’s financial or social status.

Mark revealed that he has come to learn that conservation and protection of the natural environment are the main concerns globally. WildArk aims at buying, protecting and restoring the diverse variety of species of both plants and animals.

About Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson advocates for the wilderness areas in the world passionately. He inspires and educates people about the wild using his ventures in entrepreneurship which include a travel and training business for over a decade. Learn more: