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David McDonald Leverages Family Values To Drive Global Expansion Of OSI Group

The OSI Group is a food service conglomerate headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The holding company was established in 1909 and is a premier supplier of processed food items to the global foodservice industry. The firm operates a worldwide network of subsidiaries in key markets including the US, Europe, and Asia among others. David McDonald is the serving as the President of the group.

He joined the group shortly after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science in 1987. He held various positions and rose through the ranks to the COO position and eventually he was appointed to the President position. As an alumnus of the university, he supports agricultural entrepreneurship programs at the learning institution. He facilitated an exchange trip for students to explore the firm’s China operations.

He also supports student internships to encourage interest in the industry. He was recognized with the Emerging Philanthropist Award for his support to the university in 2014. In similar fashion, David McDonald donates his time to the St. Michael Parish. He also oversees the operations of the American Meat Institute. He is also a director of the Australian subsidiary, OSI International Foods.

Under his leadership, OSI Group has maintained a healthy appetite for growth. He relentlessly pushes the team to deliver beyond customer expectations. This involves incorporating innovative strategies and establishing close relationships with customers to ensure transparency and agility in service delivery. As a privately-held company, the business enjoys the flexibility to implement transformative solutions quickly.

David McDonald has been at the forefront of pushing the company culture to global subsidiaries in diverse geographical locations. The firm allows local managers to make the critical decision affecting their operations while aligning themselves with the overall growth strategy. Inspiration from global customers drives the OSI Group. It values them as family members and strives to deliver the best products with a strong emphasis on quality, health, and safety.

The group employs more than twenty thousand people worldwide and is one of the largest private firms by revenue. It operates over sixty facilities around the world. David McDonald has been instrumental in significant acquisitions in global markets that have consolidated the company’s position as the leading supplier of value-added and processed food products.

For example, in 2016, the group acquired the Dutch meat processor, Baho Foods, expanding the company’s operations in the European market. Speaking during the announcement, the President reiterated that the deal broadens the group’s capacity to serve the evolving needs of global consumers effectively.

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