Beneful Treats Your Dog like Family

It’s not surprising that most dog owners consider their dogs to be part of their family, and naturally, they want the very best for them, which includes providing them with the best tasting, and most nutritious food possible. Beneful, a division of Nestle Purina PetCare, is a brand of dog food that acknowledges the bond between pets and their owners, and as a result, they market their dog food as being “full of goodness.” What does this mean to consumers? Well, unlike other dog food brands, Beneful actually resembles human food; their foods have the appearance of beef stew, and this concept has made Beneful a leader in the pet food market. Click here to watch video.

Additionally, their foods are available in several variations; consumers can choose between wet, dry, and kibble sized iterations of the popular dog food. What does the name “Beneful” mean? Well, there is no dictionary definition; however, according to the company spokesperson, the name simply denotes “full of goodness.”

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