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Endless Potential for Company Growth

When a new company is created there’s a lot of issues with how much cost is going to be associated with production. In order for a small company to survive within the business world they need to make connections, which requires a high level of networking skill. Business meetings are a great way for business owners and sales people to make new connections and to form alliances which will help for potential company growth.

Unfortunately these business meetings are often very costly, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the location of each meeting. According to Business Insider, In order to try to cut out these high-cost levels entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland has created a new discount and social networking platform for businesses and consumers alike to take advantage of.

The program is called Magnises, with members being given a special metal card. This card acts in the same way as a credit card does, being linked to a personal bank account of a member and being used to pay for services as they are rendered. Locations that are discounted under this program include bars, restaurants and other locations that are commonplace for business meetings.

The same hundred dollars that is spent on a single business meeting can now potentially be used on multiple business meetings instead thanks to this program. Money saved in this way can then be placed into different aspects of the company in question, such as employee wages and product costs. This program is an amazing answer to the issues with the domestic economy that the United States is currently facing, and its popularity will definitely grow across the years.

Internationally there’s a lot of promise for the program as well, as the foreign markets in Europe and Asia I could also see positive Growth from its use. Countries where there is high inflation and high unemployment such as Greece and Italy would definitely see the potential of this program and it is recommended that everyone takes a look at it in order to take advantage of something that’s going to be potentially great for the near future.

Protect Your Company’s Image with Wikipedia

In business, image is everything. The way consumers view your company directly impacts the number of leads your business obtains. A poor image can severely impact sales while a positive one can increase them. Wikipedia gives you the opportunity to determine how your image is projected to the online community. This is why businesses are turning to professional writers and Wikipedia editors like those at Get Your Wiki to help them project the right image to consumers. For starters, Wikipedia is a trusted source to the online community. Despite the well-known fact that anyone can add to it, consumers continue to turn to Wikipedia as a valuable source of information. When presented with conflicting information on a topic, Wikipedia often helps consumers decide their final opinion.

For example, a popular makeup brand has been the source of some controversy. Claims include that the company’s products are dangerous and involve animal testing. The company’s website has made statements to clear up these claims. However, if the company has not yet established trust with the online community, consumers are unlikely to believe their explanation of the events. This is where Wikipedia page creation becomes a helpful source to businesses. The online community already trusts Wikipedia. Should they find information validating the company’s explanation of the events on Wikipedia they may be more likely to believe it.

If your business has been the source of controversy, creating a Wikipedia page can be one way to help the online community see your side of the story. It is important that your information appears non-biased and clearly addresses the facts. In order to get the right tone many businesses choose to enlist the help of professional writers and editors. Get Your Wiki is one company that you may consider. Their Wikipedia experts have specific training in using Wikipedia to promote the image of a company.

Life and Career of Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone, the co-founder of a successful legal practice in New Zealand, is a man of many talents. He is nationally known as an attorney who specializes in the development of trust funds, but many people are unaware of the rich and noble history that led Geoffrey Cone to develop the Cone Marshall law firm. During a recent interview with Business Insider magazine, Geoffrey Cone discussed ways in which he was influenced by his upbringing, education, and early days in a legal practice. Although the executive admitted that his past was imperfect, he also stated that he gained invaluable wisdom and insight during the more challenging stages of his life. Cone stated that he would not trade his hardships if he had the ability to do so.

Geoffrey Cone’s Upbringing
During his sit down with the Business Insider, Cone admitted that he had the desire to enter the legal profession from a very early age. As a boy growing up in New Zealand, Cone recalls being told by relatives that he should enter the legal profession. After completing primary school, Cone decided to place a great emphasis on his academic studies in order to be accepted into a prestigious University. After completing high school with excellent marks, the future businessman was admitted to the University of Otago in New Zealand where he studied University writing and pre-law. Soon, Cone graduated from the University of Otago with honors and set out to complete law school.

Legal Education
Upon his acceptance to law school, Cone began to gain an interest in the field of tax law. The brilliant student had always been interested in discovering important facts regarding legal codes and statutes and he saw the tax law industry as a perfect field to enter to further develop these interests. Cone recalled, during his interview, that law school presented a greater challenge to him than those he had faced in high school and during his undergraduate education. Although he found his educational pursuits to be extremely challenging, Cone persisted until he received his diploma in the late 1970s. After graduation, Cone was presented with a challenge of finding valuable and fulfilling work as a tax attorney. The businessman recalled that he was extremely grateful when he was offered a position in Auckland, New Zealand in 1980.

Early Days In Legal Practice
After landing his first job as an attorney in a New Zealand law firm in the early 1980s, Cone quickly discovered that his keen interest in the New Zealand tax code would not be enough to consistently sustain his career. The attorney recalls many times where he worked for days on end to complete tasks for his firm. His hard work paid off, however, and he is now one of the most sought after tax attorneys in New Zealand.

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The Philanthropic Acts of the Founder and the CEO of the Davos Financial Group – David Osio

David Osio is a financial advisor in Venezuela. He founded the Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993, and he currently serves as its CEO. Since inception, Mr. Osio has made significant contributions in making the company one of the greatest domestic and global strategy firms. He has great interests in corporate, international traveling, collecting art, and financial planning. David Osio graduated in 1988 with a degree in law from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. In 1996 to 1996, he specialized in International Banking Law at Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA). He later joined New York Institute of Finance to study Management Investment Portfolios and completed in 2010.

David Osio is renowned for his charitable acts in all cities where his company has offices. His interests are in music, art, medical research, culture, and community development and he has collaborated with various charitable organizations supporting the same. He has supported the Miami Symphony Orchestra for many years through donations and service as a member of the Board. Over the years, he has sponsored the annual EPK events held by the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Osio funded the Saludarte Foundation of Art in their exhibition of the Carlos Cruz-Diez. Other non-profit organizations that he supports include the Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Fundana Foundation. Osio states that seeing the organizations that he supports continue running every year is a source of joy and satisfaction.

David Osio began his career as a Director at MGO, a legal firm in Venezuela. His responsibility was offering legal advice to the multinational companies such as the Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. He later joined Banco Latino International (BLI) and worked as the Vice President of Banking Commercial. He attributes his success in running his company to the lessons he learned during his time at BLI. Through his leadership and expertise in the financial areas, the Davos Financial Group has expanded both financially and geographically in Latin America. It has its presence in Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, Panama City, and New York.

Following his philanthropic efforts and the economic opportunities, Osio has bagged several awards locally and internationally. They include the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009, and South Florida Business Leaders 2009. New Europe Magazine recognized him as the “Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider” and he won the Miami Award in 2014 that recognizes the significant achievements of different companies in Miami.
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Secure the Financial Future of Your Family

This is one of the most volatile economic times in recent memory. The downturn in the United States economy was followed quickly by the “Brexit” vote this past summer. For those who do not know, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. This leads to massive consequences for both imports and exports from the island nation. The European Union allows countries to quickly and efficiently trade across multiple international borders. Because Britain is leaving the European Union, Britain must now negotiate separate trade agreements with every country in Europe. This is a logistical nightmare that will require large amounts of time to solve. In addition, this uncertainty creates unpredictable fluctuations in traditional stock markets. Traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are now more volatile than ever before. It is easy to lose a large amount of money quickly. This can cause delays in retirement, postponed vacations, and other changes to financial dreams.

When it comes to preventing these financial horrors, it is essential to have a hedge against this investment risk. This requires diversifying financial assets. One of the oldest forms of currency on Earth is gold. Gold was one of the first metals traded for goods and services. Furthermore, gold has been used a hedge against traditional markets. To this day, gold is the metal that backs the economies that rely on paper money. As the United States Federal Reserve continues to print money to proper up the economy, the value of gold only continues to rise. In fact, gold has risen quicker in the past 15 years than at any other point in human history. Furthermore, financial experts have said that silver is undervalued. That means this heavy metal has room to grow in value. These are returns that everyone should be taking advantage of.

The US Money Reserve is selling Brexit Gold Coins. In addition to investing in a rare Earth metal, customers will receive physical coins that customers can hold in their hands. Because gold tends to fluctuate in the opposite direction of traditional markets, gold will increase in value as the global economy continues to struggle. Furthermore, gold will never completely lose its value. While companies can go bankrupt, gold will always have worth because it is made out of an intrinsic metal that has utility. For people looking to secure the financial future of their families, the Brexit Gold Coin is a worthwhile investment.Learn more:

Lovaganza Is Doing A Lot With Film During Their Festival

One of the main ways Lovaganza is touching the world is through the use of motion picture. This organization has an entertainment branch that works hard every single day. This branch is filled with individuals from all walks of life and from all nations around the world. This way many people have the opportunity to give their input when films are being registered for Lovaganza festivals on Instagram. All of the individuals that work for the entertainment branch of Lovaganza have gone to some of the best learning institutions in regards to film studies.

Lovaganza is going to show several films throughout the day at each of these festivals. Many of these films are for pure entertainment. However, these films are from all over the world. With that being said, all in attendance will be able to observe how movies are made in other countries and how all countries are different and similar to others in regards to the film industry. All the films that will be shown at each festival will be suitable for children, so people do not have to worry about their children seeing anything uncomfortable on the big-screen.

Another cool thing about the movies being shown Lovaganza is the fact that many of them will be shown in 3D. All people wanting to see any movie in 3D will be given glasses for free. Naturally, a lot of these 3D movies will be animated, but there will be some live action 3D movies being shown, too.

In addition to movies for pure entertainment on, there are also going to be movies shown that display how people around the world can help one another. These movies will put forth messages about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and stopping violence all around the world. Overall, these movies will be about bringing peace to all lands throughout the world.

The Lovaganza festival itself will also be recorded. Professional film crews will be on the scene. They are expected to do an awesome job, and all in attendance will receive a free copy of the festival once it is finished processing. All of these film crews are also expected to answer questions by anyone at the festival. These questions can pertain to why they are filming certain things and not others, how their equipment works, and so much more; these film crews are very happy that they will have a chance to answer questions like this.

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