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George Soros Sees Bears Devastating the Markets

What Does a Billionaire Do on Hiatus?
The entire financial world stopped in its tracks to stare open-mouthed at the news billionaire George Soros has returned to the Wall Street trading scene. The 85 year old has been occupied doing philanthropic work and also politically attempting to raise minimum wages in various parts of the world. He has also been exercising most of his recent time, at least for the past few years, working to get Hillary Clinton elected president of the USA.

Bearish with Dire Predictions
George Soros has been bearish before and in a major way. He has previously predicted the fall of the Chinese market which fortunately didn’t happen. However, he now states firmly that the Chinese market is so unbalanced it will crash very soon and probably take the American market with it. That is a very depressing prediction from a man who is known for his shrewdness and expertise in the stock market.

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Soros has made his stock movements definitely bearish and has done this 100% with no exception. George Soros adamantly again stated the only market offering hope is precious metals, in particular the gold market. Soros added gold will not be a savior but instead more of a stop-gap, he states, hedging against investors’ suffering complete ruin. However, he does not suggest buying precious metals to ward off the demons. Soros says his emphatic announcement to the populace is how serious a crisis we are steering into without helmets, life rafts or storm jackets.

George Soros returned to the market from his global influences and philanthropy to take control of his immense fortune and minimize his own vulnerability. That could be seen definitely as the prophet billionaire following his own advice.

Who Is George Soros and Why Do Investors Watch Him?
Born in 1930, Soros actually as a child survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II and later fled communist Hungary as a teen in 1947 to England. He achieved education from the London School of Economics, and then purposefully brought his new knowledge to the USA and made am amazing fortune investing in the international hedge fund he founded and managed.

That said, it is clear that George Soros has known the tragedies of lives ruined by political SNAFUs, and he has had the determination of a survivor, or moreover, a conqueror. No one could really assess George Soros as a survivor; he is a market maker and shaker and a billionaire who helps nations by helping their people.

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Wen By Chaz Magic?

There is a product hot among hair-care fanatics right now. It is no other than WEN Hair By Chaz, the hair cleansing conditioner made from fruits and nuts. The magic potion comes in flavors such as almond, fig, and pomegranate. For an all in one shampoo, conditioner and style treatment, it promises the Hollywoodesque looks that you often see on TV. Unlike many other products in the sephora beauty maket, it does not require you have to have a certain hair type.

As with other conditioners, you apply the recommended amount to your hair and massage it through the scalp. After use, the product might make your hair feel a little greasy and that is okay. This is due to the regenerative ability of the conditioner and a thorough session of hair styling will re-mediate this problem. Because of the oil, it gives your hair extra shine similar to that of celebrity level strands. Do not be surprised when your hair starts to thicken during application, it is that magical!

Wen hair By Chaz is a great product that guarantees fabulous hair in exchange for higher maintenance. This is not a negative aspect in itself if you are already in the habit of styling your hair every day. Wen By Chaz is a must have for those occasions when you just want to push the limits on what your hair do. Wen hair is available on Amazon and local beauty stores.

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The Man Soaring True Value, Ken Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President at True Value Hardware Corporation. True Value has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the largest, member-owned cooperatives in the world. The company has a presence in 58 countries with over 4,000 retail locations worldwide. Kenneth Goodgame joined the company from Ace Hardware Corporation in 2013. He replaced Mike Clark who had already announced his retirement. He was hired at a time when True Value announced their intention to restructure their global distribution network, logistics and supply chain. The company also intended to add three new executives to its team of leaders.

Goodgame attended the University of Tennessee from where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He was appointed the Director for Proprietary brands in 1999. At Proprietary brands, he completed a nationwide deal with John Deere. It is an important achievement for the company because it was the first-ever of its kind. He helped with various product launches and achieved end-line goals for other brands. He has worked at successful ventures which include Rubber Maid and Home Depot. Goodgame also earned much reputation at Ace Hardware for his prowess in leadership as the general merchandising manager.

At True Value Hardware and Corporation, Goodgame has led many cross-functional groups to make and implement a 5-year comprehensive strategic plan. The strategic plan is expected to deliver long-term growth. He is responsible for global sourcing, private label, pricing, print advertising, category management, merchandising and marketing. In his current position as Chief Merchandising Officer, he has rebuilt the entire merchandising team and re-engineered talent acquisition.

He has hired a wholesome category management team. The team is complete with heat mapping, category rules, POG/JDA management and Pricing. His leadership has helped in turning around the low-performance buying team. Goodgame replaced the lowest performing buyers to create a high-energy team culture. He started the annual “pay for play” investment program that is supported by vendor advertising. He has also launched the 250 SKU EDLP program. The program launched to retailers has delivered full margin percent and lowered retail on price sensitive SKUs. Goodman continues to be a great leader at generating organization ideas that yield profitability and high performance.

James Dondero’s Charitable Contribution to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Businessman James Dondero has recently gained the attention of several media outlets for the charitable contributions he has made through his successful company, Highland Capital Management. The leader of the multi million dollar company has made several important donations over the course of his career, but has recently overshadowed his previous philanthropic efforts by donating to several large Dallas, Texas projects at once. Dondero’s partnership with the the Dallas Foundation (an organization that aids business owners in their efforts to fund companies that align with company standards) has allowed the Highland Capital Management Group to significantly increase its philanthropic fundraising capital, thereby increasing the company’s ability to further the cause of programs that they deem important to the Dallas community.

James Dondero has recently allocated funding to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This donation, as a part of Highland Capital Management’s donation program, is intended to help the museum to continue to function as a source of education for youth in the Dallas area. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science was built in 2006 and named for Ross Perot after his family’s large donation to the museum during its inception. Since its establishment in the city of Dallas, the museum has launched several programs and initiatives designed to educate and motivate the youth located in Dallas and surrounding areas to become more active in the field of natural science. The museum has had a wide margin of success with its implementation of academic and social programs for the community.

When Dondero decided to further his philanthropic work through his company, he knew that the Perot Museum of Nature and Science would be one of the projects that he would fund. Highland Capital Management is one of a very limited amount of companies that is known for its company standard for promoting the betterment of the local community. With James Dondero as the leader of the company, Highland Capital Management is expected to make even greater contributions to the greater Dallas area in the decades to come. Many great community developments are expected to be launched by this company. This article was originally published here.

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Diversant And John Goullet Offer Good IT Solutions

Diversant and John Goullet are really the best places to get IT solutions for any business. The people that are trying out these solutions will feel really good because they will be able to run their businesses better, and they will need to make sure that they have really thought about what kinds of results they will get when they pick out the right place to work. They will get things changed at their business, and they will learn to use a new system that makes the most sense for them.

John Goullet started Diversant to help people with their IT solutions, and he has made sure that all these people are going to have something that works for their business over other things that they might have chosen. He can come in and fix up the things that these people have been working on in the past, and he wants to be sure that all the people who are working with the company are happy with what they get. They have to actually have something that works for them, and that is why his company wants to be sure that has been working on a new solution for each client.

The clients that come over to Diversant are going to ask about how they can learn to use these new systems, and they will learn a lot of things about how their companies can function as compared to what they would be doing otherwise. It all depends on what the clients think they can do with the systems that are created for them, and the Diversant team are going to be sure that they look over all the things they have chosen.

The updates to old systems are done at Diversant are led by Goullet as he looks over how the systems were set up in the first place. He wants to be sure that clients can see something that works better, and he wants them to know that they have finally updated to the right IT setup.

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Eric Pulier: The 21st Century Benjamin Franklin

When asked who in the modern time represents the famous American figure Benjamin Franklin the most, people would jump to well-known political leaders. However, there is a man whose achievements align with those of Franklin, with slight adjustments for the time period difference. He is Eric Pulier, an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. Notice that Pulier and Franklin share the same goals in their professions, to create a better world.

As an entrepreneur, Eric Pulier founded many startups that will go on to become very successful businesses. Some companies he had founded include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, all well-known in the software industry. Not only is his founding track impressive, Pulier is also a very successful Venture Capitalist (VC). As of today, he has raised over hundred of millions to fund seed level startups, many who benefited from the additional support and will go on to build revolutionary software.

Eric Pulier’s experience as an author started when he was attending Harvard University to attain his BA which he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. He wrote a weekly column called the “PulierLeg” for the well-renowned Harvard Crimson, of which he was also an editor. Pulier’s study in English, American Literature and Computer Science allowed him to communicate tech from a bird’s eye view and its effects on society. He will go on to publish Understanding Enterprise SOA, a famous work of his.

Lastly, Eric Pulier was a family man and philanthropist. Active father of four who raises money for charity every year, notably the Starlight Foundation who helps children with chronic illness. Besides serving the people in need, Pulier also served the government just as Benjamin Franklin did. He was chosen to run Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s “Bridge to the 21st Century” during their second inauguration. The event was attended by thousands of people, including those who hold significant positions in the government. Pulier is a well-rounded man, a man that Benjamin Franklin would have called the true “American”.

Talk Fusion’s TMC WebRTC Product of the Year Award Win

Talk Fusion was the winner of the 2016 TMC WebRTC Product of the Year Award. They were presented with the prestigious award on March 16th for their all-in-one Video Chat marketing solution. The judges of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award said that they were impressed by the excellence and ingenuity Talk Fusion displayed with its solution. TMC gives this award each year to honor innovations that support browser-to-browser applications for video chat, voice calling, and person-to-person(P2P) file sharing without the use of external or internal plug-ins. This award has been recognizing these types of technological advancements for more than 20 years.

Talk Fusion earned the award just one month after a full version of their highly advanced cross-device communication platform was made live. The company’s Video Chat solution gives people the ability to communicate via live chat from anywhere with anyone and on any tablet, computer, or smartphone. The app can be found in both the Google Play and iTunes Store.

According to CEO Bob Reina, the company sees this communication solution as a way to change the way people communicate forever, and this award was well-deserved and earned by his IT team. However, Dr. Jonathan Chen, the Director of IT at Talk Fusion, says that this is only the beginning and that the IT team will continue to churn out even more innovative communication solutions that the company is so well known for. In fact, the next solution to launch is called Free Trials. More information about this new product and all of their products can be found at Talk Fusion’s website.

Launching yet another communication innovation will just be Talk Fusion’s way of keeping up with being a global leader in video communication. Bob Reina established the company in 2007 and introduced the world to the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. However, they didn’t stop there, and continued to add products and services in the technology industry. They not only create and sell products and services, they also adhere to strict ethical standards and business practices as presented by the Direct Selling Association. Today, there P2P communication solutions are marketed and sold in over 140 countries.

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Avi Weisfogel is a Man with Multiple Interests

Avi Weisfogel has Dental Sleep Masters and works with other dentists to help them learn effective tactics of helping patients suffering from sleep conditions like sleep apnea. He is a trained dentist and an avid philanthropist. He is known to take on tough dental cases throughout his successful career. The New Jersey dentist has six children and loves spending time with his family in his free time.


Weisfogel started a campaign on the GoFundMe online platform in a bid to raise money to help a global charity called Operation Smile. The charity operates in many countries worldwide and carries out free surgical procedures for children with cleft palates and lips. Operation Smile depends on philanthropists to fund its operations and further relies on volunteer medical personnel. Source:

Business Ventures

Weisfogel started a dental practice in his home state of New Jersey after finishing medical school. He won numerous awards through the practice. He has always had a keen interest in business and marketing. He marketed mouth rehabs and implants resulting in a constant stream of clients. In 2010, Avi Weisfogel left his practice and started a general practice that was dedicated to helping patients with sleep disorders. Today, Avi has partnered with Barry to come up with the hugely acclaimed Dental Sleep Master’s program. He teaches this model to other physicians, dentists and patients. Source:

Social Media

Weisfogel is highly active in several social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, About Me and Tumblr. He constantly posts photos, videos, and posts on traveling, movies and entrepreneurship. His active social media side is evident in his decision to start a fundraiser on the popular GoFundMe campaign. Source:


Apart from his love for the dental profession and philanthropy, Avi Weisfogel is also interested in music. He bravely entered the music world with nothing but internal motivation and a dope beat. He has a special interest in the Hip Hop music scene and has even managed to build up a huge base of avid followers on Soundcloud. He shares his music on this platform with his followers. Surely, Avi Weisfogel is a highly talented man. Source:

Darius Fishers and the Grand PR World Award

Running a company is no easy task. When the company handles a very unique duty or provides a service only those with exceptional skill are capable of handling, running the show becomes even more difficult. Darius Fisher rose to the occasion and led the reputation management/digital marketing firm Status Labs to immense success. Recently, Fisher was honored with an incredible award for all his work and accomplishments.

Fisher received a fantastic award. He was named “2016 Business Development Individual of the Year” by PR World. Fisher did more than just manage a successful business. He helped the company achieve one of the most staggering levels of revenue growth seen in the world of startups. From 2012 to 2015, Status Labs experienced revenue growth in the range of 939%. Yes, in only three years, the company’s revenue increased 9.5x. Few businesses can claim such lofty growth figures.

Fisher understood that getting “out there” and drawing attention to his company would play a major role in increasing revenue. Through making public presentations at events such as Impact15 in Las Vegas, Fisher extolled the value of reputation management services. In kind, he was able to get across the great benefits his company delivers.

Darius Fisher does know a lot about digital marketing based on his previous experience prior to co-founding Status Labs. This experience aided his ability to create an employee-friendly company that attracts and keeps top talent in the fold.

Fisher will be traveling to San Francisco on June 27, 2016 to receive the award at the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner. According to Huffington Post, Fisher has acknowledged winning the award is a tremendous honor.