David McDonald Leverages Family Values To Drive Global Expansion Of OSI Group

The OSI Group is a food service conglomerate headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The holding company was established in 1909 and is a premier supplier of processed food items to the global foodservice industry. The firm operates a worldwide network of subsidiaries in key markets including the US, Europe, and Asia among others. David McDonald is the serving as the President of the group.

He joined the group shortly after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science in 1987. He held various positions and rose through the ranks to the COO position and eventually he was appointed to the President position. As an alumnus of the university, he supports agricultural entrepreneurship programs at the learning institution. He facilitated an exchange trip for students to explore the firm’s China operations.

He also supports student internships to encourage interest in the industry. He was recognized with the Emerging Philanthropist Award for his support to the university in 2014. In similar fashion, David McDonald donates his time to the St. Michael Parish. He also oversees the operations of the American Meat Institute. He is also a director of the Australian subsidiary, OSI International Foods.

Under his leadership, OSI Group has maintained a healthy appetite for growth. He relentlessly pushes the team to deliver beyond customer expectations. This involves incorporating innovative strategies and establishing close relationships with customers to ensure transparency and agility in service delivery. As a privately-held company, the business enjoys the flexibility to implement transformative solutions quickly.

David McDonald has been at the forefront of pushing the company culture to global subsidiaries in diverse geographical locations. The firm allows local managers to make the critical decision affecting their operations while aligning themselves with the overall growth strategy. Inspiration from global customers drives the OSI Group. It values them as family members and strives to deliver the best products with a strong emphasis on quality, health, and safety.

The group employs more than twenty thousand people worldwide and is one of the largest private firms by revenue. It operates over sixty facilities around the world. David McDonald has been instrumental in significant acquisitions in global markets that have consolidated the company’s position as the leading supplier of value-added and processed food products.

For example, in 2016, the group acquired the Dutch meat processor, Baho Foods, expanding the company’s operations in the European market. Speaking during the announcement, the President reiterated that the deal broadens the group’s capacity to serve the evolving needs of global consumers effectively.

OSI Group Info: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Dr. David Samadi Is a Prostate Cancer Specialist

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman at New York, New York’s acclaimed Lenox Hill Hospital. He’s planning on interviewing Dr. Cymara Coomer as part of his livestream called “Sunday Housecall.” This livestream airs on a weekly basis. Dr. Crooner serves as Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Center’s Director and Chief of Breast Surgery. Dr. David Samadi wanted to perform the interview in order to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Dr. Coomer used to be Mount Sinai Medical Center’s breast surgeon. That’s where she set up a clinic that had a strong patient base. The aim of the clinic was to treat patients that had malignant and benign breast diseases alike.

Dr. Coomer is looking forward to the interview with Dr. David Samadi. She’s anticipating talking about big subjects that pertain to the medicine world. One example is breast cancer awareness. She feels great about her involvement with Dr. Samadi’s efforts to teach American citizens about the incredible value of breast wellness.

Dr. David Samadi is a urologic oncologist who has board certification. He has extensive training in laparoscopic surgical procedures. He knows a lot about the ins and outs of robotic prostate surgery. He has spent a lot of time focusing on prostate cancer and quick detection. He has devoted a lot of energy to prostate cancer diagnoses and in-depth treatments in general. Many people view Dr. David Samadi as being among the most renowned surgeons working in the prostate category. His top objective in life is to encourage awareness of prostate cancer all around the planet. Prostate cancer brings on so many fatalities in men everywhere. For more info about us: https://www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology click here.

David B. Samadi is without a doubt an individual who has a lot of knowledge that pertains to prostate cancer and all of its effects. He also has significant knowledge that relates to bladder cancer and kidney cancer. He focuses on laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomies and laparoscopic radical prostatectomies.

This doctor is native to Iran. He currently lives in Old Westbury in Nassau County, New York. He’s an alumnus of Stony Brook University, a public institution of higher learning located on Long Island. He earned a B.S. (bachelor of science) degree while there. He studied biochemistry. He is part of both the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association. He’s worked at hospitals such as Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Philanthropy Work

With no political background, Betsy DeVos was perceived as relatively unknown as she stepped into the spotlight when President Trump appointed her as United States Secretary of Education. While she may not have been involved in politics, there is no doubt Betsy DeVos has spent a lifetime being an involved advocate for education. She has made headlines across the nation with her goal of helping reform public school education. Where did she come from and what did she do before now?


Growing up with a mother who was a public school teacher, as well as having children and grandchildren of her own growing up in various academic settings, Betsy DeVos has had a long term vested interest in the quality of education available to students across the United States. When not advocating for education, she also has a strong history of philanthropy work.


Ms. DeVos educational philanthropy began when she and her husband started visiting the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was a private school geared toward low income families. While she and her husband could afford to send their children to whatever school they felt could deliver the best education for their children, they kept returning to the Potter’s House and seeing the sacrifices these low income families were making so that their children could attend that school. She and her husband began supporting families and sponsoring the tuition of some of those children. To this day, they continue to be major supporters of the school.


As an activist, volunteer, and advocate for children, Betsy DeVos is trying to make public school better for all of our children. Giving families choices so that they can send their child to the school that best meets their needs, regardless of the zip code they live in, is at the top of her list. Allowing states and local communities to be involved in making choices that best meet their needs, instead of “big government” issuing mandates is a step in that direction.


As a parent, it is easy to see that Betsy DeVos is trying to help me ensure my children get the education they need and deserve. Living in an area where the best school is not the one right down the street, I am interested in seeing her achieve her goals. Knowing that she has a long standing background of advocacy, volunteer work, and philanthropy work dedicated to creating better educational opportunities for all students, gives me hope that my children will have a better educational experience than I did.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

Beneful Treats Your Dog like Family

It’s not surprising that most dog owners consider their dogs to be part of their family, and naturally, they want the very best for them, which includes providing them with the best tasting, and most nutritious food possible. Beneful, a division of Nestle Purina PetCare, is a brand of dog food that acknowledges the bond between pets and their owners, and as a result, they market their dog food as being “full of goodness.” What does this mean to consumers? Well, unlike other dog food brands, Beneful actually resembles human food; their foods have the appearance of beef stew, and this concept has made Beneful a leader in the pet food market. Click here to watch video.

Additionally, their foods are available in several variations; consumers can choose between wet, dry, and kibble sized iterations of the popular dog food. What does the name “Beneful” mean? Well, there is no dictionary definition; however, according to the company spokesperson, the name simply denotes “full of goodness.”


American Institute Of Architects, The Home Of All Architects

Architecture, like many other professions, is best practiced under a professional body. A professional body helps take care of some issues in the industry, and you can solely concentrate on your career. Among other things, a professional organization can update you on any new requirements, handle your challenges and support you when there is a need. In America, licensed architects, new professionals and allied partners are governed by American Institute of architects. It is the leading professional organization for architects. Its headquarters is in Washington DC. AIA employees are approximated to be 200 with 300 local chapters.

Advocacy and Research Benefits

With American Institute Of Architects membership, new professionals can get many web-based architectural materials to help them grow in the industry. All the architects also enjoy AIA’s advocacy in the architecture profession. Professional can venture into the industry with little difficulty all thanks to AIA which creates an enabling environment. AIA creates believe in the public on the value of design. Their sound market research also enables architects to understand the economic factors affecting the architectural business.

Skill Enhancement and Development

As an architect, your power to design is the key to success in your career. Great architectural designers can land new and better rewarding contracts. Technology is always changing and the skills you learnt a few years ago might have little relevance in the current technology. The Architects foundation under AIA has a particular interest in advancing architectural value by impacting proper and recent skills on architects for better future designers so that you can solve more problems and change lives hence making the world a better place. This body also ensures the architectural treasures of the past well-kept and guarded.

As an architect with a broad future perspective, AIA membership is something to consider highly. As a member, you are entitled to their full support in your career. You can also be able to get a sponsorship to help you advance your learning experience so that you can maintain your license. Their award program is also meant to motivate you in making better designs and achieving more to clinch their coveted prize.

Leader in architecture

AIA is the trendsetter in the construction and design industry. It sets the standards that are in use in contract documents. AIA enjoys the privilege of hosting annual architectural conferences. Through the conference, the architects get a platform to discuss emerging issues in their profession, thus creating a common pool of tapping intellectual resources and moving the design community forward.

Find more about American Institute Of Architects: http://www.archdaily.com/tag/aia

Why Prison Guards Depend on Securus Technologies

When your job is keeping the peace with inmates who would love the opportunity to hurt you, it requires nerves of steel and an iron will, not to mention the help of the latest technologies. My job as a prison guard is demanding, but thanks to Securus Technologies, it has certainly become safer in recent months. The company manufactures high quality telephone call monitoring systems used to keep close tabs on what the inmates are saying when they make calls out of the prison.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas and employs over one thousand people who are committed to making the world a safer place for everyone. Even the CEO, Richard Smith, says the objective of his company to make the planet safer is something every employee including himself strive to accomplish. The inmate call monitoring system makes use of the LBS software to scan all calls out of the prison and detect certain verbiage that can help officers prevent certain crimes from occurring.


There’s not a day that goes by in the jail where the inmates are not trying to get one over on me and my fellow officers. Now that the LBS software is working to monitor calls, we have more time to keep a close eye on inmates in the visitor center, patrol the yard, and increase our cell inspections. The more eyes we can have in these areas reduces the chances of inmates getting or using illegal contraband.


Since learning to use the LBS software, the Securus Technologies call monitoring system has detected where inmates are hiding their drugs, which inmates are using drugs in their cells, and who is bringing drugs to the inmates by way of the visitor center. Each time we get the alert, we strike fast to let the inmates know they can not longer get one over on us.


Take Action for Better Health with a Lifeline Screening

People wanting to stay a full step ahead of any health problems are ecstatic to learn that a preventative screening is available through Lifeline Screening. Individuals can be tested for myriad of diseases and other health maladies. This testing is quick, thorough and can be done sooner than more advanced hospital tests. It is easy to schedule and appointment, and patients can choose a convenient location at that time. Lifeline Screening offers testing for many of the common diseases and health abnormalities that people are most likely to develop. Today, this simple screening can bring peace of mind to anyone worrying about individual health status.

Many medical tests require extensive, even painful or uncomfortable, preparations. This is not true for a Lifeline Screening. After ingesting a light meal, people need only to undergo a quick fast health screening, just four hours. If thirst is an issue during this fast, people may drink a little water, and coffee or tea is also allowed – up to a half cup. No laxatives are involved, so people do not feel weak for the screening. This screening may involve any, or all, of the following tests for:

• Cardiac Disease
• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
• Peripheral Vascular Disease
• Indications of Diabetes
• Liver dysfuncion
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Bone density scan
• Mental capacity
• And More – See website

Results are mailed to the patient’s home address about 20 days after appointment. Any blood test results are shared with patient during the screening time. Armed with these results, a patient can speak with their own doctor for further interpretation. A person who knows that testing indicated diabetes, for instance, can immediately make changes in their lifestyle which may ward off further problems.

It behooves people to investigate this valuable offer. A Lifeline Screening is positive step in the right healthy direction. Don’t wait for a health scare to get tested. Prevention is always a better option. Take action and call Lifeline Screening, or visit them online, to make your appointment.

Lifeline Screening info: www.naifa.org/practice-resources/prp/lifeline-screening

Orange Coast College’s new recycling facility

Thursday there was a ribbon cutting ceremony at Orange Coast College for their new $7.5 million dollar recycling center settled on 5 acres. A far cry from the original 1 acre lot, they have certainly made quite an upgrade.


Items you can recycle there are not limited to plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, and scrap metal. You can also hand over your cooking oil, fluorescent light tubes, household batteries, fax machines, computer monitors, and televisions. They do not accept paint, used motor oil, chemicals, hazardous waste, furniture, and marine and auto batteries.


This recycling program is not new, in fact, it has been running for over 45 years drawing people from all over the region. It helps drive the local economy and has been a commitment from the college for the local community. The construction of the new facility took about 16 months and is finally finished. Funding for this project came from multiple sources including Coast Community College District bond (Measure M), which was voter approved and CR&R Environmental Services. They included eco-friendly materials in their design such as solar power and lights. The recycling facility includes 45 parking spaces, women’s and men’s showers, a first aid room, offices, classrooms, a conference room, and a cleaning area. The classrooms were named after CR&R Environmental Services Founder and Chief Executive Cliff and Janet Ronnenberg.


In 1947 Orange Coast College was founded in Costa Mesa, California. The community college opened its doors to its first classes in the fall of 1948. It is the third largest college in Orange county with a student enrollment of over 25,000 undergraduates. Their slogan “We’ll help you get there” is a sign of their dedication to their student’s educations and bright futures.


Orange Coast College is a whopping 164 acre campus just a few minutes from the beach. They offer over 135 academic and career programs for students to pick from. Orange Coast College offers two year art and science associate degrees, lower-division classes that easily transfer to other universities and college, and certificates of achievement. It has been recognized as one of the nation’s best and largest community college around.

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Whitey Wolfe Rejects a $450 Million Acquisition Offer from Match Group

Some sources have reported that about two months ago Match Group’s acquisition offer of about $450 million was rejected by dating app Bumble. Match Group is an umbrella company which also owns Bumble rivals such as Tinder, Match.com, and OkCupid. Bumble has quickly established itself a standout in a crowded market, and a source proposed that the $450 million offer was considered to underestimate the app. Both Match Group and Bumble refused to confirm or comment on the bid terming the news as speculations or rumors. A Bumble rep claimed that the deal would mean that the CEO and founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe would work in the company she has sued a few years back.

Wolfe founded the popular location based app in 2012 at the age of 22. She helped in the launching of the app while serving at the company as the VP of marketing. The app took the market and grew into a viral excitement. In 2014, she parted ways with the company and sued Tinder, internet conglomerate InterActive Corp (IAC) and Match.com. Her claims were atrocious sexual harassment and sex discrimination. The CEO Sean Rad was suspended, and the then CMO Justin Mateen was withdrawn from his position. However, Wolfe came to a settlement out of court with the startup.

Career Journey and Education Background

Whitney Wolfe is one of the founders and the former VP of marketing of Tinder. She developed Bumble app immediately after parting ways with Tinder in March 2014. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she started her first business at the age of 19. She started designing and selling bamboo tote bags after the incident of Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Her first application to the marketing school of Methodist University was unsuccessful. She chose to study Global Studies at SMU as her second choice. After completing her studies at the institution, she went to work as a sales agent for a start-up organization. With the experience gained at the organization, she came with the idea of developing a dating app that has completely transformed dating.

Learn More: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Commercials for Beneful are Fantastic

When you watch the commercials that the company Beneful has out for their dog food line, you will be impressed. They are so well done, and they allow you to see just how much the dogs enjoy their foods. The animals that they use in their commercials are energetic and playful.

Benefulcommercial makes a large line of dog foods. You can feed your pet from their selection of main dishes, and also you can give them snacks and treats from their line. When you are shopping for Beneful, you should make sure that you take advantage of any savings that you might find in terms of coupons, sales and promotions.

Watch how healthy and vibrant the dogs look in the commercials from Beneful. This is what you want your pet to look like too. Make sure that you are taking care of it right, and if you have questions, you might want to go online to be sure that you are doing the best that you can in terms of caring for your animal. It will make a difference in how they look and feel. Remember to feed them right, and with Beneful, you can’t go wrong. They make their dog foods with the highest of quality, and they ensure that they are healthy for them to eat.